Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I hadn't planned on taking a blogging hiatus.. but I have nothing to really share :/ I have no idea what it is about Washington, but it makes me super LAZY! I have done pretty much nothing since I've been home. I love being busy.. exploring.. anything! I don't like the base gym at Everett, so trying to make myself go is a little challenging. I don't have warm work out clothes so I can't do outdoor work outs which are my favorite of course. I have been seeing family lots and it has been going great. Praise Jesus!!
Lets see... Frank put his leave in for August, YAY! We are one pay check away from having our last credit card paid off. So close to being DONE with credit cards :] I found a church I like and I have family that goes there as well, I didn't know it at the time when I decided to check it out.... I am back volunteering at N.O.A.H and loving every minute of it.

Life is still very much up in the air for us over the next year year in a half and it continues to scare the crap out of me :[ I know that everything will be okay... He doesn't put things in our life that we can't handle! But for someone (me) who has control issues it's not so easy. We'll gladly take prayers!

Here are a few pictures from when I first got home, I was meeting our newest nephew Zaedan for the first time.

NOTE: I just read this post and man is it poorly written! ha It's almost embarrassing... however, my mind does feel like it's all over the place these days....

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