Friday, July 15, 2011

The best breakfast smoothie EVER.

Right now since I am doing a 24 day challenge my breakfast consists of a meal replacement shake. By themselves they are AMAZING but I like to make them even better than amazing... what would that be?!

Usually I do all of this minus the shake with my muscle gain every morning, but for the cleanse I use only 1 scoop of muscle gain for some extra protein since I don't eat meat.

So ladies and gentles meet my favorite breakfast shake cast....

A berry or vanilla meal replacement shake
spinach (LOTS)
frozen bananas chopped up
frozen mixed fruit
muscle gain (vanilla is best)
fresh fruit if you have any (we have some blueberries that needed to be used)

Start with 8oz of water, your shake mix and one scoop of vanilla muscle gain.
Add in as much spinach as you would like. As you can see I like a lot of it!

Mix away...

Now you have yourself a nice green smoothie :]

Add in a handful of frozen fruit and a few slices of banana (make sure not to put in too much frozen fruit or you will end up with a VERY thick smoothie that you have to eat with a spoon!), throw in some fresh fruit if you have some... and mix that bad boy up.

All done!
Now you have yourself a very healthy, very filling and very delicious breakfast smoothie.

mmmm... so good :]

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