Monday, October 17, 2011

The damage

Well I got a little busy! Mostly just with the gym (I might as well live there) and NOAH. With the holiday seasons starting I've been enjoying it all as much as possible. I just got warm weather clothes and shoes so I'm not as miserable as I have been.
A few weeks ago Frank emailed me pictures of his X-rays. People have been shocked at what he did. His mom just laughed and said him and his brother can't just scrape their knee! ha.

As you can see he completely broke off the bone and then snapped that other piece. The end result is 9 screws, a plate (I believe it's only 1) and 25 staples.

He now is down to some strips since getting the staples out. He's much happier.

He says the being broken part sucks, but the scar is pretty cool haha. Such a boy.

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