Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Goals and some Halloween fun

I think I'm with everyone else in saying, I can't believe it's November already! I'm not complaining one bit though because that means it's another month closer to Frank being home (YAY!), and it also means the explorer will be paid off this month!! 4 years early which just makes it even sweeter :]

October Goals

Start the Hawaii Island swim challenge at the gym, swim 3 days a week (at least) [YES! And loving it!! I was even swimming almost 5 days a week for a little while. I can't remember my exact distance but I am close to 10 miles!]

Run outside once a week (weather permitting) [weather permitting yes. Although that wasn't too many days. I got some warm clothing to wear but the running pants ended up not working out, so I'm hoping once I get a new pair we can get out more often.]

Read two books [Total FAIL! The last two months I just haven't been in the reading mood.. I might want to change that if I'm ever going to get through the stack of books on my nightstand.]

Read the book of Joel every day [So I didn't end up reading the book of Joel every day because I realized I got bored far too easy doing that. So instead I just stuck to reading the bible at random every day. Which is why I'm counting this as a win.

Go sugar free [FAIL :( So this was was actually really easy, especially since I don't eat processed foods.. or anything that has added sugars really. What messed me up was Starbucks and their holiday drinks! I was at the mall, cold and the first thing on the board was a chai tea latte... oy. I decided to try this again in January.]
Take the dogs for a daily walk (weather permitting) [See above.]

Go to the dog park once a week [Big fat FAIL. It didn't happen once.]

Document one new recipe a week (not sure why I've gotten so lazy about this lately) [I did put up some new recipes but I didn't realize I had said to do one a week. I decided to count this as a win anyways.]
November Goals
Swim 14 miles [at least]
Run the Turkey trot 5k
Run no less than 3 days a week
Post 5 new recipes
Walk the dogs every clear day
Pay off the explorer!

Edit: I found out today how many miles I swam in October... 12 MILES!! I thought I had barely gone 10. It was a nice surprise :] I topped it off with swimming another 47 laps tonight. So that would be 1 mile and... anyone out there want to do the math!? So excited!!
* * * * * * * * * * 
Every year on Halloween my friend comes by with her son (my godson) to trick-or-treat and show off his costume. Well this year Robby had more fun handing the candy out at my house and playing on the elliptical. He told his mom to go trick-or-treating for him haha. He cracked me up!
Here Robby is as a... um I'm not actually sure what he is. Goes to show how little I know about scary movies.

Sorry in advance about the poor picture quality, I have the worst time getting pictures in this lighting. I'm no pro here, just wishing I was one!

Had to get a picture in with him before they left. I would have liked to gotten more with his mom and such, but CJ and Melanie came over with Zaedan around the same time so it was pretty crazy. Ellie decided to join in our picture as well :]

It was a must (if they were in town) for CJ and Melanie to stop, I wanted to see Zaedan in his first Halloween costume! He was a tiger, and oh so cute. I'm pretty scary to look at in general in these pictures ha. My costume was tired gym lover :] an hour of interval training on the treadmill and lunges and squats then 45 minutes in the pool plus no shower yet=not pretty!

Yup we were having fun! Zaedan thought we were all a little crazy.

Hope everyone had a fun safe Halloween!!

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Keri said...

I need outdoor running pants before the turkey trot too! Where are you going to get yours?

Also I saw a picture on pinterest that reminded me of me and you :) Do you have a pinterest yet?