Thursday, February 23, 2012

A little this, a little that

Well we've been in our new place for just over a week. And we are loving it! A little side note.. I am in need of some caffeine at the moment! I ran out of spark this morning and have no money to go get Starbucks :/ boo. So if I start rambling.. like usual you know why :]
Let's see here... so we are loving the complex and apartment. We definitely love that it is gated.. and the elevators since we are on the third floor! We decided to spend the extra $50 a month to get  garage. We had assumed from the way they talked about it that it was private. It's a two car garage space which we get one space but there are four spots in each garage. Make sense? So two garage doors for two cars each side. It's not so bad, we have a big storage bin up on the wall that we have put stuff in and the garages themselves are heated and locked from both the inside and out. Our only complaint is that our garage neighbor has yet to move their car and it is over to our side quite a bit. Meaning it's a tight squeeze! Anyone on the passage side has to get in or out outside of the garage. We know that they at least come down to check their car so I might be putting a very nice note on their windshield :]

We are also loving how close we are to everything we do. We are less than a two mile walk out to the ocean, and a walk to the dog beach we use the most (not sure on miles).  I am less than 10 minutes to the base I work out at and will eventually start subbing at once I get certified. Frank is about 20 minutes to work (took off about 5 minutes) which is still far but he's on nights so he doesn't have to deal with any traffic.

Ricky was down in San Diego with his girlfriend Yumi for the afternoon so they stopped by to check out the new digs ;] ha. We ended up looking up a pizza place near by and decided on Hoboken pizza and beer joint. It reminded me a lot of the pizza places Nicole and I ate at in New York. And it was just as good!! We of course had to get Franky's pizza ha. It was AMAZING!

We still love Pizzeria Luigi, but they now have some competition :]

Before I forget.. the other day I was browsing through recipes on the edible perspective (the site is not working right now so I am not able to link up to them.) and came across one for maple cinnamon almond cups.. think Reese's, but probably better! Since I no longer have a processor I won't be able to make these. The maple roasted almonds sounded amazing though. Right before Ricky and Yumi came over I threw about 3 cups into the oven (1 cup of almonds and 1 1/2 TBLS maple syrup, pure maple is always better than any cheap kind that has more ingredients then I can count.) and roasted them for about 15-20 minutes. Oh man were they to die for! We ate them all up. Sadly it was mostly Frank and I because we apparently have no idea when to stop ha.

A few pictures to share..

Our lunch today. Yum! I found these salmon patties (Alaskan salmon) at Trader Joe's yesterday and had to try them. I also picked up some tarter sauce from TJ's that has dill and jalapenos in it. Best tarter sauce ever! Frank even thought it was okay and he's not a fan of tarter sauce. Love these patties, made for an amazing lunch :] For the broccoli I love mixing it with olive oil, pepper and pink salt.

Well... that's all I can think of to share for now. Yay for being back to regular blogging!!

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