Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I love that after a year of searching for a blogger app, that was free, I have finally stumbled on the official blogger app. Days before I FINALLY have my Internet up and running. At least now I can blog on the go :] which reminds me that I need to download this app to the iPad first thing in the morning!

So how have you all been? I'm sure you might be wondering that about us? In December I came back to San Diego. I decided to go back to our same complex but I got a 1 bedroom instead of 2 to save some money. Well that didn't last long. Tomorrow we move out closer to where we work/spend most of our time.

Once I got back to SD I started studying for my group exercise certification! I take my test next month and am super nervous yet super excited :] I plan to start as a spin instructor then I would like to branch off and add in abs, cardio circuit and TRX. Today was my first day of being in front of the class. I decided to start easy and for this week will be doing the stretching portion of class. Next week I will have my first 15 minutes of actual riding.

Since the gym I work out at and will be subbing at when I get certified is about 20 minutes away and franks work is even farther I've gotten tired of the commute and gas just I was wasting. Our church and most things we do are more west as well. On top of that franks car was the victim of a hit and run two weeks before he came home. Needless to say it was a goner. So that means we are down to one car for the time being. I found a great place that is MUCH closer and nicer and fits into our budget. So happy!

I'm sure you've picked up in the "we's" I have written. Yup franks home! We chose not to tell anyone so that we could enjoy a few uninterrupted days today. We will most definitely be doing that again with deployments, we loved it! After 5 years frank was finally able to surprise me! He came home Thursday night, a day early. I was very excited and so proud of him for being able to pull it off!

This post is all over the place and does not flow what's so ever! Sorry about that, I've been away from blogger for a few months... And it's WAY past my bed time!

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Keri said...

Yay! How awesome that he is home!! And how awesome that you are getting your group exercise cert! I want you to text me all about it! I am seriously contemplating getting mine too! I want to take an Emily taught spin class!!