Monday, May 7, 2012

Back to reality

Vacation is over, Frank's family left this morning. We loved hosting them but I know after 2 weeks we all were a bit ready to get back to our daily schedules.. and their own beds for them!

Today we started a new series at church called "Exposed" LOVED it! So true and everyone can relate to it in one way or another. Have I mentioned lately how much I love The Rock? Well I do :] So happy for being able to watch live online or on my iPhone app when I'm away.

I just realized this post has turned into a random bullet point type post... hmm.

Frank and I are very proud of ourselves with how well we did with money while his family was here. We of course budgeted, but we didn't "plan" anything. We just had the money there to use and if we used it up, we used it up. Well we managed to not use it all. We have come such a long way since we were first together and stupid with our money and spending/budgeting.
We still have about $2800 (I think) left on our debt. So close yet so far away! We have been sitting around that amount for a few months now. Life came up so we haven't been able to put everything towards paying it off. All we can say is "Oh well!". We are still very happy with all we have done. I keep telling myself that because we have a few things we have to fix on the explorer this next pay check so we won't have much to put toward said debt... oh well... ha.

Because of the car issues (rather important when it is your only vehicle) we are unable to attend our churches marriage retreat. This was the year we FINALLY thought we were going to make it. Sadly it is not happening for us. I do hope to hear great things from our friends who do go.

Summer is almost here. LOVE <3

Frank and I are on a mission to hike as many new trails around us as possible by the end of summer.

Tomorrow (Monday) is our first day back to the gym in almost 2 months!! Craziness. We both have put on a few too many pounds and are ready to get our butts back in gear. We plan to start on the summer slam challenge that I did before he came home. It was so easy to follow and had great results, the only hard part for Frank is charting his eating. I'm excited to be back in training mode non the less though.

We found Better Buzz coffee shop and are hooked! Cheaper AND better than starbucks. I'm just sad that it took us almost 3 years to find them.

Listening to Pandora and snuggling with my girls is perfect :]

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