Thursday, May 24, 2012


I think we have a few new staples in our house. Yesterday I was in the kitchen all day baking (technically I should be in there baking cookies for our potluck at church tonight) up some healthy treats :]

First I made some healthy pop tarts (they do exist!) from mama pea over at Peas and Thank You. Mine look nothing like actual pop tarts as you can see.. sorry about the sideways picture. I rotated it but it keeps going back this way when I upload it on here.
I chose not to do any toppings to keep them sugar free (minus the natural sugars of the organic strawberry preserve.)
These are so amazing! I am very much against any store bought pop tarts because of the sugar content among other things.. but these I can get on board with :] 

Back in January I made some cinnamon and vanilla granola from Simply Sugar & Gluten Free. I was positive that I had blogged about it, but I guess that was when I had taken a hiatus due to no Internet and not knowing about the blogger app then. I had made a huge batch and took it to my military group at church.. it was a hit! I raved to Frank about it but of course he didn't care since he couldn't try it for himself. I had been saying since then that I was going to make some more. Yup, never got around to it... until yesterday.

When Keri did her grocery post I noticed that she bought coconut yogurt. She told me they make parfaits with it; berries, crushed almonds and I think she said some honey. We loved it but immediately Frank said granola would be best. Ding Ding Ding! I knew I had to make the cinnamon and vanilla granola.

This picture isn't the prettiest.. but oh man was it good!! Frank is in love with this granola, he would have taken the whole thing to work (which I'm glad he didn't!) but he's in a class this week so the granola stayed safe in my kitchen :]

The other idea for the granola that I had was using it as a cereal. We're out of stuff to juice and have to wait till next pay day to stock back up. So cereal it is for now. Lisa over at 100 days of real food always talks about how they do puffed brown rice cereal (a 1 ingredient cereal) topped with homemade granola, banana and milk (I used coconut this morning). I noticed the puffed brown rice cereal on sale at Sprouts so I decided to try it out. It was such a good, light cereal! Tomorrow I want to try the other "cereal" they do. Granola topped with berries and milk. Totally loving the healthy cereal alternatives when I can't juice.

I should mention that Frank has been loving the envirokidz cereal. Limited ingredients and much much healthier than the big name cereals (I actually just drew a blank on cereals to put down ha! Goes to show how much I eat them). If you haven't tried them you should, they are really tasty!

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