Saturday, June 23, 2012

What we've been up to...

I realized today that I hadn't written a real post in quite a while. I thought the reason we were having issues with loading pictures and such onto the blog was the Internet. Turns out it was the computer, we had some big download going on that I didn't notice. All is better now.

Let's see.. We've been BUSY! Dogs have their second appointment next week for being able to go to Japan.

Someone Frank works with bought him Diablo 3.. Many arguments will be coming because of this. I'm not the laid back play video games all the time type of wife. That's what being single is for.

I will be spending much more time with the iPad because of the above. Glad we have this at least!

Tomorrow were going to the safari park (part of the San Diego zoo, I can't add links) with Ricky and Yumi. Best part it's for free : ] Frank and Ricky can use their military ID to get in free and Yumi and myself will use the free tickets we got from Ashley and Tony. I've been wanting to go here since we moved to San Diego. Finally making it 3 years later and 2 months before we move ha.

Shampooed the living room, dinning area, and entry way today with the Kirby for the first time. Love it! So much easier to use then a big bulky shampooer and drys so much faster since its waterless.

Every weekend is pretty much booked with spending time with friends or doing things we've wanted to do before we leave. One thing we want to do is hike El Cajon mountain. Gotta prepare for Mt. fuji next summer : ]

I've decided that when Frank goes to school from October to December I am going to stay in Washington (we'll be there all of September) so that I can get my group X certification while paying off debt. Only two months, I'll be busy studying and training. And of course volunteering at NOAH, so it should fly by.

As mentioned above we plan to leave the states debt free. We have very little left and want to start debt free and working on our savings while in Japan. We know how much we can save a year while there.. So we want to get a head start. Also it will be amazing to see how far we've come while in California with our finances.

I need to make a list of places I want to travel to while in Japan. Hmmm... Frank and I have already talked about this, but if we can we would like to stay overseas after Japan. Italy, Spain, even Guam (yes Guam ha), Germany.. Anywhere really.

Once we get to Washington I'm getting my travelers passport (I will have two, a no-fee military passport that is only good for getting to Japan on orders really). Can't wait to stamp that thing up!

Well that's all I can think of for now. I'm sure within a few minutes of posting this I will think of more stuff that has been going on. Until next time blogland...

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Keri said...

I can't wait until you come home! And I can't wait to take one of your spin classes!!!! Maybe we could get Ashley to come to a spin class with us!!!