Tuesday, July 31, 2012

4 weeks

I've been wanting to write up a post all about the process of our move so far.. but keep forgetting. Mostly because it's been easy and uneventful. The biggest thing right now is waiting for Frank's urology appointment next week. His medical approval has been put on hold pending this appointment. Nothing to worry about though it's just his follow up from his kidney stone.

Getting the dogs ready so far has been the easiest thing we've done. Mostly because I started them with their appointments and quarentine right after we got orders. The quarentine time is 180 days and I wanted to have almost all of that finished before we left the states. At the most they will have 2 weeks left once we get to Japan.
If you are PCSing overseas I highly recommend doing all the appointments and such through the military vet. They handle everything and of course are certified and know what they are doing!

What else.... we're waiting on my no-fee passport to come back at the end of this month and then at the begining of next month (september) I will start on my travelers passport.

As soon as we finish with Frank's urology appointment we can finally start my DEA (dependant entry approval) so I can go to Japan! They won't let us start that process until Frank has been cleared by medical.

4 weeks from today is Frank's birthday. As I call it his "special" birthday since he'll be 27 on the 27th. (It's also my mom's and a cousins birthday!)

4 weeks from today our house hold goods should be packed up to be put in storage until they give the okay to have it sent to Japan. Again, waiting for the DEA. Since we have always moved ourselves we're not sure how long it takes to hear from a moving company once you put your request in. Hopefully soon!!

4 weeks from today we should hopefully be on the road heading up the PCH (something i've always wanted to do) for Washington.

Now I just wish we were a month away from Japan!!!

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and I'm hoping to have the carpets cleaned before you get here.. good thoughts that I get energized.. :o)