Friday, August 24, 2012

Full juicing recap

Since I'm sitting in the children's waiting area at the hobby shop while frank changes the oil and rotates the tires, I figured I could update you all on our juice cleanse.

So the cleanse was suppose to be 1 week. The first few days were easy which was a nice surprise since I had heard they are the worst. I even found that I loved just juicing!
Frank being a man complained none stop about wanting to eat his food. He didn't mind the cleanse, and actually enjoyed how good he felt. He just missed chewing.

By day 4 I couldn't take listening to him complain about that anymore. It was either throw the towel in or find a compromise. We're awesome about compromising so we decided to juice during the day and eat our dinner.

Something that did make juicing hard was the heat! Anytime we were out in the sun for more than a few minutes we'd start feeling sick. It was worse for me it seemed. We'd have to get into an air conditioned building or turn the A/C in the car on high to cool us down right away. Lesson learned, do not do a juice cleanse during the hottest time of the year!

Saturday we woke up at 8:00 sweating even with two fans going in our room. Not common for San Diego. East county yes, but not where we live. Since we were heading up to Anaheim to visit Ricky and Yumi for the day I figured I should check the weather since I knew it would be much hotter in their area. Yup it was suppose to reach 100. I looked at Frank and said there is no way we can juice today! I wanted to enjoy my day with family, not be sick.

So from then till now we juice every morning and during the day if possible. We loved how good we felt and I plan to do another juice cleanse if Frank is gone in the spring time. We will NEVER do another juice cleanse in the summer ; ] something to keep in mind!

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