Monday, October 1, 2012

A little update

Well it's been a little while since I posted something. We have been very busy the last few weeks! This last week feels like it flew by yet the rest of the month felt like eternity. Frank and I both wished it had gone a bit faster.  Speaking of Frank, he is on his way to Lemoore for school. He left yesterday morning and drove to his uncles house which is about 3 hours north of base. He ended up making great time getting there and was very happy to be out of the car for the night. Both of us are happy to be back on schedules after not having one for the last month plus.

I have so much to catch up on i'm not even sure where to start! I guess a good place would be to upload the pictures I have to the computer. We did lots of exploring the northwest! For our anniversary we went to La Conner for a late lunch/early dinner. Then headed over to Deception pass since neither of us had been in years. Then on the whim decided to explore Whidbey Island and the naval base. Drove down to Coupeville then headed home.

A treat to ourselves for paying off our debt (WE'RE DEBT FREE!!) we took a day trip to Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands and fell in love!

We FINALLY paid off our debt so we are very happy about that. Now time to work on the savings account before heading to Japan.

We also got our flight info much earlier than we expected. We told them Frank was driving to and from school so they did not have to book him a ticket. We put a request in to do a MAC (military) flight our of Seattle but they weren't able to find us a day that could work with having room for pets. So we are flying commercial out of LA. The issue. They have Frank flying out of Lemoore to LAX and myself flying out of San Diego to LAX. We are working on having the first flights canceled and just flying out of LAX with no connecting flights before hand. I haven't talked to Frank about this yet, and it will all depend on how much money we can save, but I was thinking of driving up to San Francisco for the night after I pick him up from school. It's somewhere i've always wanted to go and we will be 3 hours from it.

As I was writing this blogger shut down on me and didn't save the rest of what I was writing :[ What I do remember... Frank and I are more than ready for it to be December. We are very excited to start our next adventure in Japan!

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