Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving

Hope everyone had a great turkey day? Frank and I had a quiet low key day just the two of us. Minus dinner being completely processed it was a great day. Frank had duty on thanksgiving so we couldn't go anywhere. He had to go muster (go say hi I'm here) in the morning then he came back and we slept in till 9:20ish. Late for us!

After having a lazy morning we took the dogs for a long walk around housing and back towards the horse stables on base. Love seeing the horses :)

Once we got back we laid in bed all day watching the NCIS marathon they had on. After dinner we drove out to Visalia to go to Costco in hopes of getting a new camera on sale. Only to find out that Costco is about the only store left that still opens on time even on Black Friday. I was a bit upset since its 36 miles one way! Oh well.. We ended up ordering one online when we got back to our room. Yay!

Now we are spending the rest of the weekend up north with Franks uncle and his family. Enjoy your long weekend if you get one. Let the holiday season commence! Ha

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Anonymous said...

You should find out if you could ride one of those horses... and are those chicken nuggets next to the stuffing? Interesting Thanksgiving feast.. We are having your favorite.. Salmon w/baked spuds & steamed asparagus/pepper/onion/mushroom w/olive oil. Mom