Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pismo Beach

Last Saturday Frank and I decided to go on a day trip out to the coast. We decided to check out Pismo Beach since it was closest and looked dog friendly. I like to be smart and check the weather for where we are going so we can dress accordingly. The weather said it would be 60 and sunny. We dressed somewhat warm but not too bundled up. When we got there weatherbug said it was 54 but it felt more like 70!

We walked around for a bit then decided to eat. There was a restraunt that catered to dogs so we thought that'd be nice. When we put our name on the list the lady said it would be about a 15 minute wait. Well it ended up being more like 30 minutes and since my blood sugar was getting low I was not a happy camper! You have to sit on the patio with your dogs which we thought would be perfect. Of course the wind had to pick up then and it started feeling the true temperature! Holy cow did we inhale our food so we could get up and move around ha.

After we ate we walked on the beach and let the girls run around. They didn't like that they had to stay on their leash. I searched dog beaches in the area but none came up :( I searched dog parks instead but again there were none in Pismo beach. We had to drive down the 5 to the next town to find a very small dog park. It was at least nice!

It was nice to get out of Lemoore for the day but I don't think I'd go back there. The area reminded me of a VERY small San Diego with the cliffs, and Pismo Beach itself reminded me of Pacific Beach where we used to live. So we weren't too impressed with it. And it wasn't as dog friendly as it seemed. Oh well, at least we had a good day.

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