Saturday, December 22, 2012


Well our day trip up to Tokyo was short, cold and wet! If I didn't need to go up there to get my phone fixed then we would have just stayed in bed all day. It was a cold nasty rainy day. Since it was raining we decided to figure out the whole bus thing from base to the train station. What better time to figure it out than when it's raining and you're miserable : )

I was pretty happy that the apple store was not far from the train station so we just booked it. I ended up having a defected phone that just plain old crashes after a week of having it. Thankfully I didn't have too much stuff on it yet since we haven't had the chance to back our phones up since we still don't have our HHGs. I did lose a few important dates so I will be making some calls on the 26th to get reminders.

After we got the phone situation out of the way we were all hungry. Both Frank and Scott (a friend) hadn't eaten yet so they were zoned in on food! The one thing we all agreed on was that it couldn't be American. We ended up at this mall across the street where the top two floors were all restaurants. The guys chose the Korean diner because the pictures looked good ha.

It was good, not horrible prices.. Chopsticks and I still don't get along but I refuse to ask for a fork. I'll get it one day!

Since I lost the pictures that were on my last phone I will take new pictures of our apartment tomorrow and post them.

Something random.. We went to purchase our new bed tonight but it was on back order. We weren't really upset, it's just exciting to know we'll have our first new bed soon!

Oh something Frank and I find really funny. In Washington you can tell who is a tourist because they have an umbrella. In Japan you can tell who is a tourist because they do not have an umbrella! Ha needless to say we bought a VERY large one today.

Sorry for the poor quality of picture of Frank and I, I had to cut and crop it from Facebook.

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Anonymous said...

You have been busy... I love all kinds of pictures. Dad, however, wants you to send him more of the girls... you know him, he doesn't believe they are ok yet. I did figure out how to change the time and weather on the "dashboard" on the mac so he can see what time it is for you and what your 6 day forecast looks like. :) We've had so much rain the phone stopped working. Took me 2 days to figure out it's something outside. They are coming tomorrow to fix it. Yeah! Have had the kitchen phone plugged into the box in the living room since Thursday..
Love Mom