Wednesday, December 26, 2012


...I want to be lazy... But get a lot accomplished. I'm torn ha. We got one very important thing out of the way, INTERNET! I'm still using my phone though since Frank has taken over the computer with his game. Not surprised at all ha.

I want to get back to the gym tonight but I also want to check out the women's bible study. But all I can think about right now is taking a nap. Oy these winter days are rough, it's not even 3:00 yet it feels like it should be 6:00 :/

So far the kitchen is unpacked and organized (for the most part). Our room is almost there... The bathroom and linen closest are complete and the second room is still half way. Since we don't have much furniture at the moment our living room is looking sad ha.

Here are a few picture from today. MT Fuji was out and looking purdy. Our first niece!
Molly being Molly haha.

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Jes said...

We have a great Thursday morning Bible study here at Zama if that fits your schedule better and you feel like making the drive every week...