Saturday, December 15, 2012

"House tour" #2

Our second home... We'll only be in the lodge here for a week in a half. Thankfully Frank and I were very open to living on base in case we were told we had to. We very much wanted to live out in town though. I am so glad we had an open mind because we didnt get the option to even look out in town. It didnt matter anyways since we decided to live on base once we found out the dogs' quarantine had to be redone. They can either do quarantine in base housing or the kennel. We wanted them with us so that wasn't a hard decision.

Anyways... We got an apartment right away and could move in on the 18th, but we will be in our intro classes all next week. So instead we will be getting our keys on the 21st and our stuff on the 24th. Our Christmas gift will be having a home again!

I really like the lodge here on Atsugi, its a lot bigger (the rooms) than Lemoore and has a lot more storage space. The best is still in San Diego I think though. I forgot to take a picture of the kitchenette and am too lazy to get up and do it now ; )

I took a picture of our mess though! If you know Frank and myself and have been to our home then you will be shocked haha. We just now had the time to organize everything and put it away.


Meshach said...

Reminds me of our first night there as well, 5 years ago. I'm so happy for you.

Anonymous said...

I've seen worse, like when we got to Lemoore.. :) The storage in that bathroom is awesome! and nice sink. Worthy of Property Brothers.. :) too bad the toilet isn't computerized... How big is your apartment (square footage) Mom