Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Monkey Island

I have been horrible at writing up blog posts lately. I will sit down to start but then something comes up and I end up stopping... and not getting back to it! I keep saying I'm going to edit some of the pictures before I post them but that hasn't been happening either. So instead you get the dark pictures :] Thankfully those of you who read this are just family and friends and could care less.

Okay so Monkey Island...

A few weekends ago Frank and I had plans to go to Odawara but he had duty that weekend (he forgot to inform me ;] ) so we had to cancel. A friend had invited us to check out Monkey Island in Yokosuka with them before hand so I asked if I could tag along once I found out Frank couldn't really go anywhere. I had no idea what it was I just wanted to get off base for the day! I honestly thought that it was going to be some island sanctuary with monkeys. Yea I was wrong ha

THIS is the best link for the island that I could find. It wasn't what I expected, but it was still fun to explore the island and it's beauty.



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