Sunday, March 17, 2013


I hadn't planned on going so long between posts. I have a few things I wanted to blog about but was waiting to see if pictures would be up online that I could share. It was a few events here on base that I volunteered for.

Pretty safe to say I have been a bit busy. And it's just the beginning :) I don't want to post about too much yet. Maybe by the end of the week if I know more. Y'all can pray for me though! Just good vibes :)

Cherry blossoms are getting closer!! Plum blossoms are going right now and they are equally beautiful.

My mom has her plane ticket booked for October-November! We also found the other day Franks younger sister is for sure coming out in June for their cousins wedding.

There will be a bazaar a month for the next three months. Ohh I am excited! I just hope I can make them all.

I am also hoping I can make the fertility festival in April :)

It is so different and very exciting FINALLY watching our savings account grow!!!

Some random pictures...

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