Sunday, June 2, 2013

Installation 2013

Last night Frank and I got to get up all dolled up and enjoy a great night with friends. AESA (the enlisted spouses association) had there installation party. It is a night to say thank you and goodbye to the old board and hello to the new one. Even better everyone (members only) gets a prize for the night! I was hoping for the grand prize which was the iPad mini.. but sadly did not win. Oh well guess that means it is still on my Christmas list!

I took quite a few pictures so be prepared for a photo dump! I will share the professional pictures once they are available.

I am currently doing the 24 day challenge... (it's Sunday, why are people flying today!? They should be at home! Sorry just a thought since a jet just took off.) and yesterday was day 6 of 24. I had no intentions of cheating so Frank had a great time enjoying the tab he had going at the bar! ha.

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Anonymous said...

So I want to know if Frank & the other guy had to wear exactly the same shirt & tie, did they do it on purpose because they could, or was it purely on accident?

You are beautiful as always! Looks like you had a great time. :)

I love you both!