Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Snow Days

The last few weeks have been hit with two record breaking snow days (it's been crazy y'all!) here in the Kanto Plain area. I never did measure the snow for myself but it did take a week for the first snow to melt, only to be slammed before the last little bits were gone. The second snow fall was almost a week ago and we still have it everywhere. Normally I cringe at the thought of snow if it lasts for more than 24 hours. However, this year I was very much wanting a few snow days. It was the only way Frank and I would get a day off together. We were blessed twice :]

Some pictures from our first snow fall....

I didn't get any pictures outside since the wind was intense. We only lasted about 15-20 minutes because of it.

 Striped down at the front door then Ellie licked the snow off all our clothes ha.
 I am in love with this drink: Ultra Creamy Mocha Hot Cocoa from Oh She Glows. Then I topped it with homemade Coconut Whipped Cream :] also from Oh She Glows. After our short time in the snow I whipped up these bad boys for myself and Frank.

This is how we spent the rest of the day.
Snow Day #2...

 This is how we all felt...
We ended up sleeping the whole day away this time around. Woke up in the morning to see if I had to work or not (Frank already knew he had the day off), went back to bed until around 1:00. At that point we figured we should take the girls out and feed all of us. We watched Major Dad (anyone else love that show back in the day!?) until around 3:00 and then took a nap until around 6:00 I believe. Laid around watching Top Gear US until we went to bed around 1:00 in the morning. Talk about a lazy day!
 This was after quite a bit had started to melt. Our entire car had been covered when we went to bed.
 Almost a week later and we still have to walk in the street in most areas.
The Seabees had the parking lot plowed by the time I had to report back to work at 2:30. This snow mound is crazy! ha
As much as I enjoyed our snow day's together I am more than ready for Spring! Since I didn't get to do much of what I wanted to last year I have started a bucket list of things I want to do/accomplish this year. Winter, it's been real....

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