Thursday, October 16, 2014

Stitch Fix Goodies

Who doesn't love Stitch Fix day!?
All my items this go round were maternity, which is awesome.. if it didn't all cost so much! I don't know why but all of the maternity items they send me are WAY over my budget. The way I decide on a box is to try everything on, separate them into Yes, No or Maybe piles. Then I look at how much each cost and decide what I want. I had 3 items in my Yes pile until I saw the prices.
This shirt was one of those I had in my Yes pile. LOVED it! Too bad it was double what I would pay for a shirt. Sad times. The leggings were a big no (in everyway). They were very uncomfortable in the fit and the material didn't feel that great either. Both items were sent packing.

Infinity scarf. Love, perfect for Fall :) Kept.

Of course this jacket was in my price range yet it was not my style at all ha. Had the sleeves been the same color and material as the rest of the jacket I would have kept it since I am in need of maternity jackets. This was a no as well. I did ask for more jackets/sweaters in my next Fix so hopefully one will work out!

There was also a dress I kept (Frank's favorite to date) but you will have to wait until after my shower to see that one :)

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