Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving this year was extra special since the boat got back two days before. We definitely had lots to be thankful for :]
I hosted again this year, only this time I also did all the cooking minus dessert (that was made by a friend). I already knew my favorite mashed potatoes and stuffing from The Pioneer Women would be on the menu so while getting the recipes I started looking at her other holiday items. In the end our entire dinner came from her website. It wouldn't be healthy, but at least I knew it would be good!
I didn't have time to get individual pictures so here are all the links:

Frank formed the rolls as to why they are ginormous.

Frank and I were pretty excited that our first main meat dish turned out.. if you can't tell ha. Since our ham was only 8 pounds I cut the glaze recipe in half.

The glider has already started coming in hand ; ) The girls also replaced us pretty quickly.

It was a good Thanksgiving for Molly!

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Anonymous said...

Aw!! That's awesome that he was able to be home for Thanksgiving! I made Pioneer Woman's Thanksgiving Stuffing/Dressing and Anthony LOVED it!! She never disappoints, that woman! Lol

-Destiny Vallejo