Friday, October 23, 2009

Black Bean and Butternut Burritos

Tonight I ventured out and made butternut squash for the first time. I found it at Seasonal Recipes... along with a bunch of yummy desserts!! I was worried about how these were going to turn out while I was making them because the tortillas I used were sucky and kept falling apart. I started freaking out a little because we only have enough food for every night till payday, and we have no money to go out to eat [[it sucks being poor]].
I decided to go sit on the couch browsing the blog world to relax. It worked cause when the burritos were ready I tried them for the heck of it.. and ta da they were great! Frank LOVED them, I thought he was being sarcastic but he really did enjoy them. yay!
There is no picture tonight since they came out looking like poo!


Carlee Ross said...

Butternut squash is the best! I know what you mean about being poor. But we were stupid and bought groceries at whole foods market and now we have no more money till payday. Granted the food is good but it wasn't worth going broke over.

Frank && Emily said...

I want to shop at whole foods so bad!!!! but same as you we can't afford it =/ one day! ha they are like the only place i've found that has alot of vegetarian stuff. we just started using i'll see if frank sticks with it though.

Anonymous said...

Keep trying to stay on a budget... it suck when nothing has changed and 30+ years have gone by... And you look back and say "what the hell happened here?"