Friday, October 23, 2009

Pretty day

I took all these pictures yesterday on our morning walk with Mikey and Willow and the rest were taken on our afternoon walk with Frank....

Stupid camera, the "U" shaped object in the top left is because the camera ia broken.
The rest of these are from our afternoon walk....
YAY I MADE IT!! ha Frank runs the hills, and I try to walk up them as fast as possible. I do try to run a little bit, but I don't make it very far.
They decided to go walk down this road while they were waiting for me.. Molly looks so cute : )
WATER!!! ha I'm loving having the camelbak, I just wish the straps were cushiony. The one I have is just a standard military issued camelbak so I think it's suppose to be worn over the uniform.. not quite sure.
And off they go up another hill....
And again waiting for me ha. I love this picture of Ellie, she closed her eyes just as I took the picture.
So pretty..
I made him stop for a picture <3
UUUMMMMM they smelled so good!!
Looking out towards Spring Valley
After a good walk that wears them out, they don't want water... they want ICE CUBES!! It's there new favorite thing.

Last night for dinner I made our favorite.. lettuce wraps! I tried egg drop soup for a second time in hopes of getting it right. This time I made sure to use eggs instead of just egg whites.. and that was the problem. Woohoo it was so good. I filled up on the lettuce wraps fast so Frank ended up eating both our bowls of soup. I'd say he liked it ha. If you'd like, you can check out the recipe here from 'all recipes'.


Carlee Ross said...

I wish I could get Justin to be more active! I also wish I loved cooking as much as you do. I love the idea, but I think I need to invent a hand-held touch screen grocery list maker that when you get the item you delete it off your list, cuz I'm always forgetting ingredients!

Frank && Emily said...

he'd prefer working on the car as being active, but if i want to do something outside or at the gym he doesn't mind at all... so i guess i got pretty lucky ha