Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What a day

This morning during mine and the dogs morning walk, I thought the day was going to be a crappy one. I half rolled my right ankle while walking and was worried it wouldn't turn out good later in the day. My ankle still hurts when I bend it ((from when I sprained it last month)) but thankfully after soaking it and leaving it up for a little while I was good to go!
I have a ripe banana that I need to use ((I have two but one is for the banana cinnamon pancakes I want to make later)) so I was looking through For The Love of Cooking to see if I could find a recipe that calls for only one banana. Well I had no such luck. I did however find these Lemon Blueberry Muffins! In this recipe she puts raw sugar cane on the top before baking them, but it seemed to me like there was already way too much sugar so I left it out. Frank's favorite muffins are blueberry muffins so I was hoping he would like these with the lemon.. they turned out pretty good! He had like 5 when he came home ha. Not the best thing since he didn't even work out after work today. Enjoy the muffins =]
Last week we decided to move the living room furniture around to see if we could find something we liked better. The way we had it before the couch was infront of the side window that the sun hits. In the summer it was killer sitting on the couch because the sun made it so much worse. We never opened that window because of that, so last week we were hoping to find something better. We tried moving the couch infront of the back door, but I hated that because you can't see what the dogs are doing on the patio. And there was next to no room left in the living room. So yesterday we tried yet another set up. We now have the couch on the wall with the small window so the dogs can look out the window ((it's long)) and we can open the curtains to let more light in. We really like this way and having the widow open makes the room seem so much bigger. I love it; Molly and Ellie love it more I think. They are big into laying in the sun as much as possible so they are taking advantage of having access to the window.
I think this is my favorite!
Last night my mom booked a ticket to come down to San Diego for Thanksgiving! I guess she had been thinking about taking a short vacation but was looking more towards the end of December. My dad doesn't want to fly down so it's going to be just her. Oh well his loss =] She has been looking into flying out of Bellingham because it's cheaper but the flights leaving after Christmas were $100 more than if she came down for Thanksgiving. She also compared how much she'd be saving if she left out of SeaTac and I think she said she's saving like $130??! Next time Frank and I go home we'll for sure be looking into flying into Bellingham. I'm excited for her to come down cause I can't wait to show her around, and there are so many things we haven't even gotten around to seeing yet that I plan to concure while she's here. Fun times!
Tonight after Frank came home we took the dogs over to Harry Griffen Park in La Mesa to see if we could find the dog park there. We did finally find it, it was in the back of the park we never just went far enough back to find it. We hated it. The ground of the dog area was sand, nasty. We had to give the dogs bathes when we got home because they were covered in dirty sand. ick. We did find that they have trails there so we took the dogs for a run/walk before it got dark. I think we'll stick to taking the dogs to the dog park in Clairmont, we like that park.
Hope everyone is watching The Biggest Loser!!


Carlee Ross said...

Your dogs are so cute. Those muffins look good too.
My mom is planning on coming out here in January with my dad's mom and leaving my dad in Cali to take care of his brother. hehe :-) My uncle is paralyzed so my grandma doesn't get to travel much, but as long as someone watches Greg and we promise a trip to the animal shelter I can get her out here.

Longley's said...

I love having people visit wherever we are so we can show them around, but sometimes the less people the better! A trip to the animal shelter.. interesting ha. I always get sad going there cause I know I can't take them all!

Ashley said...

i had noooo idea there was an airport in bellingham! haha, so i actually checked out the prices for christmas if we were to fly into bellingham and it was actually a little bit more expensive. its a good idea though, and ill try and always check the bellingham prices in the future now! thanks!

Anonymous said...

One of my engineers at work told me about Bellingham. By Mid January the prices were $68 each way! Allegiant Air did charge for bags, etc but it's cheaper when initally booking, and there are other fees that one would not have to incur if they didn't accept that service. I'm going to work hard to do only carry on to save time and baggage charges. Alaska was way more expensive and they have a layover in Seatac, so a 3 hour trip took over 7 hours. :O( And parking is $9 per day... that addes up to the cost of an airporter ride one way to the bus station in Everett. I'll be able to share my opinion after the trip...