Friday, October 16, 2009


Today we paid off our personal loan.. only a few more loans and credit cards to go! ha Our personal loan was costing us the most ((besides our car loan)) each month and had the highest interest rate, so we have been trying VERY hard to get this paid off fast. AND WE FINALLY DID IT!! YAYAYA This is us excited about saving $137.98 a month!!


Carlee Ross said...

That's great! We just started working on our credit cards and we want to get them paid off before Justin gets out. So we're talking like 1200 a month starting January through June. Right now I'm putting about 500-600 into them but want to have spending money for x-mas

Anonymous said...

Sweet! I know you've been working super hard at this, so that's great that you got it done. Now you have more money you could put towards other bills, or use it to treat yourselves to a nice night out or something once in awhile. ;) I really love that picture you included, it totally makes the blog.

Longley's said...

wow carlee i'm jealous! i wish we had that much money to put on our credit cards ha. good luck!!! credit cards are a bitch ha i never really wanted them, thankfully we only have 2 ((we each have one of our own)) so we are lucky we don't have too many to pay off. It sounds like you guys have a good plan!!
Nick, our special treat is Olive Garden for dinner tomorrow night ha. We haven't gone out to eat in so long.. well not including subway last night but thats cause we went to the gym then grocery shopping.. and i was so craving it cause i hadn't had it in FOREVER!! i'm really excited to actually go out to eat ha