Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 3=THE ZOO!


If any of you dared to shop on Black Friday {or sadly had to work}.. i'm sorry! We spent an awesome day at the San Diego Zoo :] We've been wanting to go, and once my mom said she was coming down for a visit we knew the zoo was a must. We thought that Frank could only use his free pass for being Military once a year, but we're happy to find out he can go whenever he wants. I was told that I would get in free once as well.. but that did not happen. I did get a 10% discount for being a dependent though, so not so bad.

We got there around 10:15 and left around 3:15. We could have easily stayed until it closed an hour later, but I had a headache and we were starting to get cold so we decided to call it a day. The zoo is never boring I absolutly love going there! I hope to go again in the next few months.. a Sea World visit is due first.

I'm going to try hard to not post all my pictures.. it will be hard. While I was trying hard to take great pictures with my average camera people would come up next to me with there awesome cool nice cameras snapping away... I got a little sad about that. They didn't want to trade with me. I'm not sure why!? ha

After dinner I got out all the Christmas decorations {its not much ha} and spent a hard 15 minutes putting up our holiday decor. Frank was busy watching Ice Age so I got the tree out and started putting it together. Once I got to the top of the tree he was nice enough to help.. that and he knew what worked best since he is the one who normally puts it together.
This is NOT our Christmas picture! ha I wouldn't send out a picture of Frank with his shirt off.. well unless we were at the beach :] Anyways just thought i'd share a picture with our tree.


Haysel said...

i love god im obsess with your blogs!!!

La Familia Workman said...

Cute tree! The pics at the zoo are cute. I miss going to the zoo. I've heard the San Diego Zoo is one of the best! I can't wait to get my Christmas pics and cookie pics up...keep a look out!

Anonymous said...

Can I come out right now and have vacation now instead of in July? :) I want to go to the zoo and put up Christmas decorations!