Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Blind Side

What a nasty day today ended up being! I was a little upset when I woke up this morning to find out it would be raining on and off all day. I new it would be cold, but the rain was a suprise. I told my mom she got to experience a little bit of Christmas with us, and our first "storm" while living here ha. I was hoping to use our last full day to see a few extra places... but we ended up being lazy for most the day. Not something I like to do while on vacation, or while someone is visiting us on vacation.

I did know that I wanted Mexican food for dinner, which ment we'd go to the place by Grossmont. I figured we could try seeing 'The Blind Side' since it hadn't worked out on Thanksgiving. We ended up being done with dinner about an hour before the showing, so we headed over to Target to wonder around.
I found these really cute Christmas pillows I wanted to get for the couch, but they were $20 a piece! Oh well maybe a different year...

I loved this movie! I'm a sucker for true stories, and this one had me good. It was just an awesome all around movie done well. I've heard that the book is really good as well, so i'm thinking since this true story doesn't have an ending that will leaving me bawling my eyes out {Marley & Me!} I might try to find the book. I'm thinking it might be on shelves more since the movie is doing so well. WHICH BY THE WAY! You would never know since Twilight opened around the same time. ARR. Sorry Twilighters but this movie desereves the top spot for it's story.. don't hate :] ha


danielle.lozeau said...

I saw the Blind Side last night too! LOVED it :) I can't believe how different Tim McGraw looks without a hat and beard! Off to see New Moon today and get pedis with my girlfriends :) Have a great day!!

Frank and Emily said...

For the longest time when they were showing previews on TV for the movie, I had NO IDEA it was Tim ha Frank didn't know till the movie started ha I had to tell him.
I could do without the New Moon.. but the pedis sound great :] Can't even remember the last time I had one!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I just asked hubby if we could see this next weekend. I love Sandra Bullock and it looks so good