Monday, November 30, 2009

Hotel Del Coronado

Well today was my mom's last day here. We started our day late so we only got two things in.. we took her to see what Frank is doing at his new command and we checked out Hotel Del Coronado. We've wanted to walk threw the hotel since we first saw it but always have the dogs with us so we've been waiting for the right chance. It was really cool going there during the holidays, they have up all there decorations. And the best part...

The ice skating rink on the beach! ha You can see the layer of water on top, I have no idea how people weren't falling over more. What was even better is that behind me there were people in there bathing suits by the pool. Now if it were in the 80's.. or even the 70's I could understand being by the pool. But it was in the 60's!! I was layering up ha.

I dropped my mom off after Frank went to work {he has duty driver tonight.. but at least he doesn't have to work all night!} then came home and have been sitting on my tush ever since. The house is a mess, but I wanted to be lazy for the night so i'm leaving it for tomorrow after our walk.

Now that my mom's visit is come and gone it means I have to start looking for a.... job :[ I love being home with the dogs. Being able to go for a walk every morning, come home clean and bake if I want, then have a meal ready for dinner. It's nice that I'm available whenever Frank has time off... so i'm a little sad about having to get a job. Word of advice to young couples.. or people in general.. DON'T USE CREDIT CARDS!!! ha If we didn't have debt I could easily not work, but we have to pay for our mistakes.

Here are a few pictures from the hotel....

I just made some hot chocolate and added some cinnaman to it.. umm umm good!!


Anonymous said...

I have to say stay away from all fast food jobs, and retail. ;) I know you will, cause you're smarter than that haha. The work force will be glad to have you back! You're mom looked really good in the pictures! She's done amazing.

La Familia Workman said...

That looks like the hotel from Some Like It Hot. I love the Christmas decs, of course, lol.
As for the credit card debt, I totally understand that. But I also know that when times are tough you have to do what is necessary. Sometimes you have no other choice.
I wish I could stay home with my dog and cook and clean all day. But then again, I might get bored. I can't picture myself not working unless I had a newborn and that would only last for about 6 weeks. I HAVE to work. I get ansy.

Frank and Emily said...

Yup that's the hotel from the movie. Oh I totally get what you mean about needing them when times are tough. Better to not use them to make times tough, cause if you really need them and there maxed out.. it's no fun :/
staying at home is definintly not for everyone ha I never thought i'd be the type to want to be a housewife, I thought I'd go crazy at home. But once I hurt my back and butt and had no choice but to be home, I started enjoying it ha. My mom is the same way, she worked up until like the day or day before she had my brother and I and she went back to work as soon as possible! She couldn't handle being home all day.