Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I am so ready to just lay on the couch and pass out! How nice that sounds.. maybe in a few more hours. I guess I should be happy we slept in this morning instead of getting up at 7:30 like planned {Frank has to be able to nap in the afternoon since he works mid-check (graveyard)}.

Early in the afternoon we went out to Mission Trails for a hike. This was our first time going there, which is a suprise cause it's the closest place to hike near us. We really enjoyed the hike and scenery, and the fact that there were a million little trails you can walk on. We did about 2.5 miles but man it seemed like alot more! We decided that we need to get actual hiking boots rather than wearing our tennis shoes.. ahh one day ha.

Don't worry you don't have a smudge on your computer, our camera is broken and gives us that lovely "U" shaped object in the top left corner of the pictures. I dream of the day that I am able to get a really nice fancy camera :]

Dinner time! For dinner tonight I knew I was going to be making... ((this was from last night, my computer decided to stop loading anything and I was gone half the day at the park)) ....CHICKEN, MUSHROOM & PARMESAN WITH ORZO  from For The Love of Cooking. I decided I want to try making mashed potatoes for the first time in YEARS! I'm not that good at cooking two or more things at once.. and this wasn't a good time to try. I started with the potatoes and once they were on the stove I started the orzo. The whole time I was cooking the orzo dish I was freaking out that it was going to be horrible because.. well that's how it looked. This was a dish I was able to have big chunks of chicken for Frank, he loved that!
While I was cooking the orzo dish I had Frank mash the potatoes, but to my dismay they were not done cooking :[ So I had him nuke them in the microwave.. for like 10 minutes all together! We started eating the orzo dish once it was done while we waited for the potatoes. I was very happy to find out everything turned out rather good, both dishes.

I went searching for a mashed potato recipe that was really tasty and did fine one. I ended up making it my own way since I didn't want the potatoes to be as thick as the recipe called for. I'm sure the way I made them is nothing new to some, but it was for me so I was pleased.

Wash potatoes then slice and chop up {I leave the skin on} place in large pan and fill with cold water to just about the potatoes. Let boil till fork tender. Make sure they are done!! HA Heat butter in a skillet over medium heat. Add minced garlic and cook till browned. Add milk and let simmer to your liking. add it in to the mashed potatoes, add just a tad bit of pepper and mash up! YUM YUM. ((I just put what looked like a good amount of everything into the dish, there was no measuring))

I don't have pictures for either because the camera was charging from our day out.

Now for TODAY {Monday}! I took the dogs out to Balboa to go for a walk and hit up the dog park. I have no idea how much I walked because I just followed the signs and had no idea where I was going, so I decided to turn around and go back the way I had come. It was a long walk that's for sure! We ended the walk at the dog park where of course Molly and Ellie were the mean dogs. Something we are STILL trying to get them to stop. They had fun, they met lots of other doggie friends while getting dirty. Molly had to play in the mudd puddle {I so wish I had my camera for that! It was just her face though} and dirt pile there. She was in heaven ha. As i've mentioned before we have Frank's cousins jeep till next summer while he's in Afganistan. Today I decided I was going to take the jeep out to the park. It was fun driving it, i'd drive it everyday if we could afford the gas ha. We normally only drive it twice a week to keep it working. Frank asked if I felt big in it.. it's a lifted Jeep Wrangle {manual even better!}.. I told him I felt slow ha.

Well this was long enough :]


Keeping up with the Harris's said...

You are soooo tiny! You need to share some of that sunshine too!

Frank and Emily said...

Thanks Heather! Funny thing is.. i'm a little bit lighter than I was at my "fittest", but that's because I had lots of muscle.. EVERYWHERE :] now it's just flab that i'm working on turning back into muscle ha

La Familia Workman said...

Oh god, the husband wants a Jeep Wrangler... I'm scared of that gas bill. : ( The dinner sounds good, although I've never had Orzo before. Chunk always tends to get other dogs mad because all he wants to do is play. I'm waiting for one to scare him good enough that he'll leave them alone! He has to learn some manners.

Frank and Emily said...

I love Jeep's and would love to get a Grand Cherokee! A few years ago we almost got a Wrangler and I am so glad we ended up getting the car instead!! We drive the Jeep 2-3 times a week and that takes up the whole tank of gas. It doesn't help though that it's lifted with big tires. But i'm still glad we didn't get one.. I like to drive a little more than that before I have to fill up ha