Sunday, November 22, 2009

To sell or not to sell!?

I've been meaning to put up pictures from our dinner and dessert the other night. I made ZUCCHINI FUSILLI from and paired it with a simple side salad. It was super easy to make and turned out so good! I wasn't too sure what Frank was going to think of it so I made him some chicken to take to work. He ended up putting the chicken in the pasta and really enjoyed it that way. If you don't like zucchini then you really should just skip over it..

For dessert I made BANANA, BLUEBERRY AND RASPBERRY MUFFINS from For The Love of Cooking. If you remember i've made these before, but was missing the blueberries. Oh how good they turned out :] I could have easily devoured them all within 24 hours, but was smart and sent them to work with Frank after eating 2.. or 3. I guess they were a hit because someone yet again told Frank they would pay for my cooking. We've been talking about it {selling food to people he works with} but i'm not so sure about it. We don't have the money to buy the ingredients.. and enough of them! And I wouldn't know how much to sell stuff for. Humm.. right now i'm enjoying just cooking new things and being able to put a smile on someones face if they like it. Good enough for me. Anyways here's a few pictures of the amazingly awesome muffins..

Now for some more goodies... I had 2 bananas that needed to be used soon and I had 3 apples I was wanting to use with the bananas. So I went searching for a banana-apple bread. I found one that looked pretty tasty at COOKS.COM. The recipe calls for walnuts that I did not add in {Frank and I both hate baked foods with nuts, but love eating walnuts by the hand full:]} and it calls for a whole stick of butter! I just eyed it and added a few spoon fulls of butter, which seemed to work just fine. I thought i'd try adding to the recipe a bit.. it's not something i'm good at yet, but I remember the other banana bread I made from For The Love of Cooking and the spices she used went perfect. So I put a dash of ginger, some ground clovis, and some cinnamon and nutmeg to the mix. It turned out amazing! I was so proud of how I was able to turn something good, into something amazing.

I was smart this time and made two small loafs rather than one large one, and shockingly they both turned out done this time! ha I'm going to bag one of them up for Frank to take to work tomorrow night, and am thinking about giving a few slices to our upstairs neighbor Holly. All I know is that if I keep it in the house too long... it will all be in my tummy!

Frank suggested that I take pictures of all the ingredients before I cook so that people can see what i'm cooking with and what's going in the dish. I said I had thought about doing that but I have just been linking everything I make to the blog or website I got it from, that way they get the credit they deserve. So I might start doing both... we'll see if I can remember to even take a before picture.

Onto something completly different. Today we gave in and finally got Ellie a new collar. She's been in need of a new one for quite some time now, but we haven't had the money to get her on. After spending too much time looking at all the pretty collars at Pet People we decided on a green collar with flowers on it. I'll try to get a picture tomorrow. I wasn't going to get one for Molly since hers is just fine, however the more I look at the both of them the more I want a new pretty one for Molly ha. So next month I think i'm going to buy her one so she can match Ellie :]


Anonymous said...

I'm going to say the same thing I say everytime I read your food blogs....I can't wait to come out there for some delicious cooking! :) I'm not a huge fan of zucchini, but that pasta looks pretty tasty! I would probably do like Frank did and put some chicken in it to add in the protein, but I respect your vegetarian ways. :) Those muffins also look like a little slice of heaven topped with angel powder!

La Familia Workman said...

That zucchini pasta looks awesome! I've been thinking about going vegetarian for a while now but I know Troy would have to divorce me if I did. He's threatened it if I did go vegetarian before,lol. I say you should definitely sell your food. Why not? If people are offering to pay for it, you might as well. Its something you love to do and have the time for. Go for it!!

Frank and Emily said...

The only problem with selling the food is we can't afford to be enough ingredients to make stuff :[ Going vegetarian was super easy! I still make meat for Frank, I never really cooked it before anyways so it wasn't much of a change.

La Familia Workman said...

Well, I would figure out how much it costs to make even one dish or one batch of whatever and divide that among the quantity the recipe makes. Then add some change(profit) to what the cost is and that should be a starting price to ask for. I guess the kick-off would be having to sacrifice something to make the first selling recipe. After you make profit from that first selling recipe then you should be able to buy ingredients steadily with the money you make. It's worth it, I think. You'll figure out something to make it happen. This would be great for you. : )

Frank and Emily said...

Would you like to work for me!? For free of course ha See i'm just not that smart, i'm horrible with numbers so I would have never been able to come up with that.

La Familia Workman said...

I would totally help you out. Just ask. I'm here to help when I can. : )