Friday, November 13, 2009

Holy Carrot!

We've always givin Molly and Ellie steamed carrots with there dinner, so I knew they liked them. Tonight I had a small ziploc bag of carrots I was munching on, and every time I took a bite Molly would come running! It was crazy she could be anywhere in the apartment or outside {our apartment and patio are small} and she would hear that bit.

They were just going absolutly nuts over the carrots tonight!

I would throw a carrot for them to chase and whoever got to it first would grab it and run like it was the last thing they were ever going to eat!
Ashley told me that her dogs go crazy over the meat from Natural Balance. I'm hoping to get some tomorrow and am curious to see how Molly and Ellie react over it ha.

We got ourselves some crazy crazy dogs :]


Keeping up with the Harris's said...

That's crazy! Hey atleast your dogs like healthy food! =)

Anonymous said...

Ha, um when I'm there I want to see this dogs eating carrots thing. Not that I don't believe you, but it just amazes me. They are truly your dogs if they're eating healthy! :)

Frank and Emily said...

haha Nick veggies are really good for dogs!! I found that out years ago when we had to put our rottweiler on a diet ha! Molly and Ellie eat carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, apples, boiled chicken {plain and no skin of course}. That's all I can think if at the moment, but they LOVE there fruits and veggies :]

Anonymous said...

And that dog lost 30 pounds by substituting regular dog food for raw veggies, and upgrading her dog food to a higher quality that had lower calories. She loved veggies... well she loved food... If small children were left unattended with food, she would steal it from them, but... that's another story :O)