Thursday, November 19, 2009


I'm happy to say that yesterday we sold the truck! We ended up selling it for less than we wanted, but we weren't suprised. It was still registered in Virginia and needed work done on it to pass a smog test here in California. One guy that looked at it said we could easily get $1,500 for it if everything was up to date, but since it wasn't we'd probably get less than we wanted.

 For those that don't know it was a 1992 GMC Seirra with 100 something thousand miles... it was nothing special ha Frank had mostly used it as a work truck. We ended up selling it for $1,100 cash and said that was good enough for us ha.

Of course after the truck was gone Frank wanted to get the bike registered so he can start riding it. We had cancled the insurance on the truck the other day and started insurance on the bike. Okay we've had this bike since spring time {don't remember when he got it exactly} and this is the FIRST time we have finally put insurance on it! I didn't want him to get this bike because there was nothing wrong with the one he had, he just wanted something bigger. Well the payments were a little more and we were getting ready to move and just had no money to insure it... months later haha

We decided to put a couple hundred on each of our credit cards since the intrust is killing us, and I told Frank I wanted to "waste" money on one thing. A kitchen table! I serisouly don't get it, when I have the money I can't find anything that will work in our tiny apartment. And when I find something I like, we have no money! It's really starting to drive me crazy.

I thought i'd share a few pictures of the dogs....

Molly asleep at her post

Neither of them wanted there picture taken, they have no choice! ha

AAHHHH that's molly talking to me

My turn :) and yet again they didn't want a picture


Anonymous said...

Woo hoo for selling the truck and being able to ride on the bike! That's really awesome! I wish I had that kinda luck when I was trying to sell the Lumina that I got nothing for haha. I believe that the money/wanting things little conundrum is always at work. It never fails. Once you spend the money you do have then it always happens where something else comes along you want. :)

Frank and Emily said...

if that were to happen then we were going to donate it to charity and just get money back on our tax's. so i was just looking at my post and realized that i put up the picture of me and the dogs were i look creepy haha

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say creepy....maybe not your usual beauty pose haha, but definitely not creepy. ;)