Friday, November 20, 2009

Solid Gold

A couple weeks ago we bought the 'Seameal Powder with Flaxseed Meal' from Solid Gold. I love this stuff!! It has done wonders for Molly and Ellie's fur and Molly used to have a little bit of redness in her eyes {something she's always had} and since using this it has taken it away. The only reason it took me so long to buy it was because I thought it was too expensive at Care-A-Lot in Virginia. I was very wrong ha it cheap there. I did find it at Pet People for a decent price but I think i'll shop around online to see if I can find a better deal.

The reason I knew about the Seameal was because I used to give the dogs Solid Golds 'Flaxseed oil', and that was doing great things for there fur as well. I'm thinking about adding it back into there daily feedings.. but of course it all comes down to money ha.

I should really endorse there stuff for them :]

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