Wednesday, November 11, 2009

umm umm good

I've never been a fan of winter, so moving to southern California was something I was excited about. So far i'm liking fall/winter for like... the first time ever! Even though it's not that cold I still like to do fall things, like making soup. Curling up with a nice bowl of soup {we still have no table :( } is comforting in a way. Maybe it's just me!?
I saw these potatoes on For the love of cooking a little while ago and have been dieing to try them! I love potatoes but hardley ever make them, so these were something I was looking forward to. What I love is that these are full of flavor.. good flavor not just covered in johnny's.
With the potatoes I decided to make the bean and bacon soup from For the love of cooking, but of course I didn't add in bacon. I try to add meat in for Frank if possible, but i'm really glad I didn't with this soup. The flavor alone in it was amazing. I did however, add in a little oregano and basil for a little extra something.
I'm not too sure if Frank even liked the soup because he only tasted it last night {he had to help our friend.. read below} and apparently didn't eat anything last night at work. Normally he tells me if he doesn't like something.. so i'm curious ha You can go here for the Hasselback Potatoes, and here for the bean and bacon soup.

Last week our friend Mikey was out and about when the battery in her husbands truck died. It wouldn't be much of a problem but her husband has been underway latley and she only has 2 people to call.. me being one of them. Thankfully for us Frank is home sleeping during the days, so we headed her way to help out if possible. Frank had asked a few questions about what happened so he knew what to bring {he brought his whole towl box ha}. She told him that there lights turn off automatically when you turn the truck off, so he decided to take the battery out of the truck. So to make a long story short, yesterday mikey and her husband went to get a new battery at autozone and the.. not so smart... employee tried to tell them it wasn't dead. I don't know much, or anything about cars but I knew there battery was dead! So last night in the dark frank changed out a few car battery's.. that's his kinda fun!
I just realized that whole story was probably pointless and boring ha.

OHHH I almost forgot to do a Nick update!
Monday's are his weigh in days, and yesterday he lost another 2.2 pounds.

He has 36.8 pounds to go till he gets to his goal weight...

And has lost 143 pounds since April 13!!



Anonymous said...

I'm stoked to also have no table when I move so I'll be able to curl up with a nice chicken wrap or something too. Haha. Oh but I also won't have a couch...hmmm floor is nice! Sounds like you guys always have something going on! It's crazy! And again, the food looks amazing! Thanks for the shout out on the blog. ;)

Pam said...

I think the soup wold be great without bacon too. I think a big bowl of soup, salad and the hasselback potatoes look like a perfect meal.

Congratulations to Frank on his amazing weight loss.