Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dear John

On Saturday Frank and I went to see Dear John, I thought it was pretty good and Frank didn't mind it either. I did hear that after reading the book the movie isn't that good.. so I'm glad I saw the movie first!

Last week we got our tax return and paid off our personal loan. WOOHOO! So now we only have my credit card to pay off. We of course still have the car and motorcycles payments, but we're hoping to refinance the car and get the payments down soon. I'm not even going to mention how much we pay on the car a month... it's sad.

Still no computer, we're hoping a friend of Frank's is able to fix it today. Keep your fingers crossed.

Sorry this is short and sporadic but I can't seem to remember what we've done. Hope y'all have a good week.


Anonymous said...

My fingers are crossed so tight I have no circulation left in them! ;) I remember you telling me how much your car payment was a month, and although I don't remember how much it was exactly, I do remember it being a lot...I remember that because of the scar on my head from when I fell out of the chair after you told me. ;)

danielle.lozeau said...

I read the book and LOVED it. I really want to see the movie. I am trying to talk Nicole into being my Valentine and going with me...ha ha!!

Carlee Ross said...

I read the book too, I want to go see the movie bad, but can't find time to go without Lily.
Aren't tax returns wonderful? I've bought a few baby gear items, and paid some on the credit cards and put some into savings. Last few months I've been paying almost too much on credit cards and saving and not buying ANYTHING we didn't need, it was about time I stop depriving Justin and buy him a few cartons of soda. lol

Nishant said...

That sounds awesome

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