Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Quick Update

Still no computer. I've been using Mikey's laptop every few days to check up on stuff so I haven't forgotten about any of you :) I guess i'll just catch you all up to date...

Vegas was okay. I can't wait to go back though. It rained on us the whole trip so that was no fun! We saw lots and ate yummy food. Although our stomaches weren't used to all the eating out. The trip ended on a sour note though. As we were packing the car up to leave we realized it had been broken into. boo. They smashed out the passanger side window... all for an old crappy GPS. Can' complain though it was our faults that we forgot to take it down.

We FINALLY got our money from the military for moving. It was a few grand less than I thought it would be, but we were still happy to get it. We paid our Navy Federal credit card off! yay. And then put the rest on our personal loan. Now we're just waiting for our tax return to be deposited into our account. Once that happens we'll pay off the personal loan and then put the rest (which will only be about $100 most likely) onto my credit card. We didn't get much with our tax return this year.. quite a bit less than last year. boo. BUTTT we are happy to get any money.

Molly and Ellie had there yearly appointment last week. We were most curious to see how much they weighed. Molly was 23 pounds! and Ellie was... 27 FREAKIN POUNDS! No idea how that happened since we moniter her food intake so carefully. We cut them both down to 1 cup a day in hopes of lowering Ellie's weight down to 24-25 and Molly down to 22.

My back and leg have been hurting alot the last few weeks which has been a huge bummer for me. I have a doctor appointment today so i'm going to see if I can get a refferal to a chiropractor. Frank asked a lady from Tricare if I was able to do that and she said yes.. in the book it says active duty only. Not sure if it's changed but i'll take advantage of it.

I've been doing lots of cooking course, but haven't been taking pictures to share since I have no idea when i'll be able to share them.. anyways hope you all are doing well. I will try to keep up with everyone, just don't forget about me :)

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Anonymous said...

No way we could forget about our favorite blogger! Sucks about the GPS getting stolen..you guys are magnets for people ripping you off. :( I'll keep it short since you don't really have a computer, but I'm still reading! And hoping you get a computer or something soon! :)