Saturday, February 20, 2010

Decision Time

Well folks we've decided what we're going to do about Hawaii in September. I was the one holding out hope that we'd be able to go, it was going to be the honeymoon we never had. And the timing worked out since my cousin was getting married on the big island at the same time. We decided to go with the smart route and not go.

We've been doing so good with paying off our debt and working towards getting an SUV, so booking a trip that cost that much wasn't the best of idea's. I'm sad, but we still have summer 2011. Not sure what island we're going to since Frank's parent's are booking the trip, we're just tagging along.

In other decision making times I think I'm ready to start looking for a job! The cymbalta seems to be helping with the pain, as in I haven't had any since starting it. This weekend Frank and I are going to go to the gym, so I'm hoping it goes good. I guess if it doesn't then finding a job will have to wait a little longer. Think pain-free thoughts :)!

So at night before we go to bed we let the dogs lay on top of the covers since it's there favorite thing. I also like that they warm up my spot! Anyways, last night I went into the bedroom to grab something and see a normal sight around here...

They LOVE to cuddle together. They have the whole bed to lay on, but they snuggle up as close as possible. How can you not love this?!


New Girl on Post said... cute are the dogs?! I love your blog header too!

danielle.lozeau said...

I am LOVING all your picnik photos, I may have to try this out! Bummer you are not coming to Hawaii but I totally understand about the money. I lucked out and my dad is using his free miles for my ticket too! That was an unexpected treat :) I'm glad you are enjoying the Costco cookbook!

Kelly @ The Startup Wife said...

Bummer about not going to Hawaii, but it sounds like a wise choice, all things considered. I hope you guys still get some special time together.

(PS--thanks for the comment on my blog! It was Ever After in Carlsbad, haha. It's one of the biggest, if not the biggest, scrapbooking stores in SD county, and every time I hear another story about how successful they are it AMAZES me!(

Marla said...

Hello. I'm a first time visitor, but wanted to let you know that I'm really enjoying your blog. Your dogs are adorable. :)

I will be stopping back in again!