Friday, February 19, 2010

Food catch up

I realize I haven't done a food post in a little while, but don't worry I've been a cookin' still. I have been bad at taking pictures of everything. We've been having big lunches before Frank goes to work then I just have leftovers for dinner or whatever I can find. Because of the change up of cooking I've been slacking on the pictures.  Anyways here are some things that have come out of the kitchen...

Marinated Flank Steak from The Pioneer Women. This was a two part post for some reason so you can go here and here to check it out. I marinated it overnight since there was no way I was getting up before the sun just to marinate meat that I wasn't even eating. Frank said it was really good and would definitely have it again, I just loved the smell of the soy sauce and ginger :)

I tried making the Macaroni and Cheese from The Pioneer Women as well, it didn't turn out that well but I think I know where it went wrong. I put in too much dry mustard, used egg white beaters since I was trying to use them up, and instead of the 2% she suggested I used low fat. Next time I think I'll get a little carton of whole milk to use and I'll make sure to use an egg. Whitney over at The glamorous life of a housewife tried this one as well with her P.W cooking challenge. Hers didn't turn out well either. What what Ree does to make hers turn out so amazing?

Since getting the second Costco cookbook from my cousin Danielle for Christmas I've only gotten around to making a handful of things out of it. Not having the computer to use for recipes for awhile gave me a reason to find all my meals out of it. The other night I made the asparagus barley risotto {here}, it was super easy to make if you don't burn the onions. It ended up making the whole thing taste off, and once it cooled off it hardened up.

Another one from the second Costco cookbook was Beer-lime grilled streak. You add whatever beer you want to the marinade, Frank liked it.. if I ate meat I'm sure I would have as well. I don't like beer but I love eating stuff that was cooked or marinated in it. Not sure why.

I can't remember if I posted about the lemon bread? If I did just skip over this one..
This would have been much better if I didn't put on the glaze, it was just too much! The rest of the bread was pretty tasty though. You can check out the recipe here.

I saved my favorite recipe from the Costco books till last, again I can't remember if I've posted about this already or not. I've been fighting a headache all day so forgive me if I've been repeating things...
Cold vegetarian sandwich! Mmm mmm good. I'm craving one now :)

I made the dogs another dressing from the cookbook my mom got me for Christmas {it's food both you and your pets can eat! All healthy of course.} This time I borrowed Mikey's food processor and made the Spinach-Avocado Dip. Now I'm sure some of you are thinking you can't give a dog avocado. I've heard that a few times before, but Molly and Ellie love them. The love this new dressing {I add it to there morning feeding} but I think it's stinking up my fridge :(

Now to change the subject... our neighbor got himself a motorcycle today, he's been talking to Frank a little about his since he's been looking. Anyways he just got it tonight. I put the cover on Frank's bike so he could park his next to the jeep. After he came back from taking his bike out with another friend Molly and Ellie got all excited... but wait why isn't daddy coming inside? They went running to the front door waited there, ran back to the backdoor standing there confused as to why daddy came home but didn't come instead. I got a good laugh out of it ha. Guess they have to get used to another motorcycle since they know the sound of Frank's.

Here's a picture I played around with last night on Picnik. My new obsession.


The Voigts said...

Oooh that picture's awesome! Love the way it turned out.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had your energy for cooking! Ha. Some of them are fun to cook, but I usually make the easy prep things like chicken wraps and such that I just made up myself. :) Maybe it's just cause of school and such I got too much going on!? I'll get back into it this summer hardcore. Sounds like you've been making Frank some damn good dinners. Lucky guy!

La Familia Workman said...

I hate to tell you but Risotto is one of the hardest dishes to cook. Even the greatest chefs of the world have to practice alot! Its meant to be cooked and eaten right away. Do not let it sit because it WILL harden. Its supposed to be eaten immediately. I'm too scared to make it because I've heard horror stories, lol.