Sunday, February 14, 2010

Drum roll please...

We've finally decided when we'll be making our yearly trip home. Instead of coming home this summer like we normally do, you all will be graced with our presence at Thanksgiving! I have a "no going home for Christmas" rule but I have no problem with Thanksgiving. We love having a low key quiet Christmas, I don't want to have to rush around being busy and not fully enjoying the day. That's why we don't spend the holiday's at home. So make sure you all leave room for us :)

The other reason we are coming home then is because we are going up to Whistler for a few nights. Neither of us have ever been there and would love to go, the closest we've gotten is Vancouver. But who in Washington hasn't been there!? We're making it an open invitation for whom ever wants to join us up there. I'm not sure when we'll be booking anything.. either during or after summer. When we do start planning we'll see who wants to go and we'll try to get a house to rent and everyone can just chip in. It will be fun!

Now that we have our trip home decided on, we can start looking into Hawaii for September. We're {I'm} really hoping it still plays out, we should know in about a month or so thankfully.

In other news I started taking Cymbalta today. No I'm not severely depressed, I'm mostly taking it for my nerve pain. Yoga isn't helping anymore so I know I need more help than what I'm doing now. My doctor is sending me a referral to this spinal physical therapist at a hospital here. I haven't heard anything from him about it yet so I might need to get a hold of him soon. He {my doctor} asked if I would want to try taking something to help with the pain for a short time so I can have somewhat of a life back. He knows pills are a last resort thing for me.. but that's kinda where I'm at for the time being. So he sent me home with a list of 4 different medications that help with pain/depression {if you've had a injury that has lasted for a year a more.. you're going to be a little depressed. I swear they just go hand in hand!} to look up and see how they work and there side effects, and I decided on the cymbalta. I wont notice a difference for another few weeks... however I'm crossing my fingers hard I'll start to feel better until I can see a physical therapist.

Any one ever take Cymbalta before have any good/bad things to say about it? Hearing what others think about it would be awesome!


Anonymous said...

Wahoo for you coming home! Sounds like you'll be busy though. ;) If you're going up there while I'm on a break (I'm out from the middle of Wednesday before Thanksgiving through that Sunday) put me down for coming! Or if you go just for a weekend I'll come too! Oh and I just realized I'll be living up near there, so it'll be not so far for me to drive! I know it's way in advance, but that's my two cents. :) (I'm from WA, and I've never been to Whistler either..)

I hope this medicine helps your pain! I know it's something that's been KILLING you for awhile, so I'll think positive thoughts for you. I haven't heard anything either way about the medicine, which these days is a good thing, cause I haven't heard anything bad. ;)

danielle.lozeau said...

I hope you guys can come to Hawaii! I hope the medicine helps you feel better soon.