Friday, February 12, 2010


Writing a document or printing something might sound like a normal day to most people. To Frank and I.. nada. The guy who fixed our laptop reinstalled Microsoft office for us which had me jumping for joy. Somehow it had been deleted off my computer about a year ago and I didn't have the soft wear to reinstall it and I didn't want to buy it.. I'm cheap like that. For Christmas my mom gave us a printer (ours broke about a year in a half ago) she got with her new computer, so we had a printer but nothing to print. Today I spent my day printing off recipes so I can start my own cookbook!! yay. I know you probably are thinking "she's crazy it's just a printer and Microsoft office!" but to me... it's a whole new world :)

I also thought I'd finally share a few more pictures from our Vegas trip. None of them turned out that great since our camera sucks and it was raining the whole time. Hopefully I'll get better ones when we go back in a few months.
I think he could be a sexy cowboy!?
Poor guy was tired of getting his picture taken.


Carlee Ross said...

Frank looks good with a cowboy hat. I wish Justin would hook up our printer!

La Familia Workman said...

That's a good idea for your recipes. I just stuff mine into a recipe file book but they're not really organized. I don't have nearly as many recipes as I'm sure you do.