Monday, March 1, 2010

Sun, Sand and Fun

I don't know about anyone else but a good Sunday for me is spent at the beach, and today we did just that. I'd been wanting to take the dogs to the beach everyday this week it had been nice but that wasn't happening. Mine and Frank's schedules were always off. I told him last night that Sunday we WERE going to the beach! I knew if I didn't make him promise he'd go out on the bike before I could get mad about ditching out on our fun in the sun party.
What made it even more special is that Mikey and Willow came with. This was Willow's first time to the beach, so Molly and Ellie were pretty excited to show her around there playground. Willow ended up loving the water right away, which completely surprised both Mikey and myself. She never went in very far though since the waves easily went over her. The best part.. no dogs tried to hump her! I think that made us all sigh a little bit of relief {Willow isn't fixed yet but has gone into heat once, for those of you who were wondering}.

While we were at the beach I really wanted to get a picture of Frank and myself together, since we had someone to take it for us. Frank being the big kid he is made this wonderful face. I loved the picture but there was a nice big black mark from the camera lens. So I decided to decorate it to cover the mark :) I hope you like!

Before we headed out to the beach I had to run to Costco to pick up a few things. As I was walking the rows of shelves I noticed some new dog beds. Large dog beds. I told myself I wasn't going to get it, but gave in and at the last minute I went back and got one. Molly and Ellie each have a bed in the living room, but one is torn open and stuffing is coming out.. thanks to Molly. We've sown it shut before but it didn't stay closed. Molly also likes to cuddle, A LOT! Poor Ellie will be laying in one of the beds and Molly will come lay in it with her. It's not made to fit them both and Ellie always looked miserable, but dang they were cute.
So when I saw this bed I knew I had to get it. It's reversable for the seasons, so right now they are laying on the soft fuzzy side that keeps them warm and once it gets hotter we can turn it inside out and they can lay on the cool side. I also made sure to grab the brown bed, it matches our couch perfectly. I'm sure the dogs seem small in the bed, but think about it this way... they're 23 and 27 pounds and they both fit in there with extra room. I love it! And thankfully so do they.

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