Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sandwich love

I'm such a good wifey :) I like to make sure Frank's stomach is nice and full (healthy if possible). I told him today this is why he doesn't mind me not working, cause I'm always here to cook. When I work it means he has to cook for himself, which he doesn't care to do. I don't mind since I love hearing that what I've made was deliciously good!

Today for lunch I made him Marlboro Man's Second Favorite Sandwich. He LOVED it. And I loved that it was super easy to make. In the recipe Ree calls for peppered bacon, but since we only had regular bacon I just improvised. I added pepper to the bacon while it was cooking and Frank said it was just fine. Not being one who eats meat this sandwich smelled amazing! I'm pretty sure if I were to go to the dark side and start eating meat again, this sandwich is what I'd be diving into. Don't worry though, that wont happen!

Molly was loving the smells as well, many times I caught her looking my way wishing and hoping I'd drop something for her. They did get a little bit of the raw chicken, I like to give them some every once in a blue moon. They can barely sit still for it.

This is what I caught with the camera as I was finishing up the sandwich...

Look at her back there thinking this is for her. I can only imagine how fat my dogs would be if I gave them all the table scrapes they want! Thankfully they love fruits and veggies, so we'll just stick with those.

And the end result. You can serve this with what ever condiments you desire so Frank asked for lettuce and mayonnaise. Enjoy.

Now I get to sit around waiting for the UPS since I missed them yesterday. Not my idea of fun, but I will be happy to be stocked back up on my vitamins.


Kelly @ The Startup Wife said...

bacon? I'm sold.

Pam said...

I love any sandwich with bacon - it looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm sandwich......Frank's lucky to have such a talented and enthusiastic chef!

Christina said...

that looks super good! and i LOVE how the dog is the background lol so cute

The Mrs. said...

if my husband saw that sandwich he'd be very upset with the little wraps i send in to work with him!