Friday, May 7, 2010

Thursday Five

I can't believe it's Thursday again. Ever since we got home from Vegas I haven't been feeling very well. Pooy. I'm so far behind on everything, try and bare with me. For some reason my signature decided to stop working... eventually I'll get around to fixing it. Maybe maybe not.

I've made a few new blog friends and would like to say WELCOME :) I've loved going through your blogs and getting to know all of you.

A big THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes. Best birthday to date. Hopefully that means 23 will be a good year!??

About a week ago I stopped taking my Cymbalta (hopefully for good) and just now I started getting some pains in my lower back/side. Ughhh... I'm losing my mind with it all right about now.

Let's get this Thursday party started!

1. My lovely hubby Frank! He made my birthday amazing, one I'll never forget.

2. LAS VEGAS. I never get tired of that place.

3. My own bed :) Our hotel bed was really comfy, but there's nothing like your own.

4. O cirque du soleil. There's a reason it's called O! So worth the hundreds of dollars I spent on our tickets.

5. The sun. Oh how I love you <3

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La Familia Workman said...

WOW! I'm so sorry that I've been without a computer for this long...long story there. But I love reading your blogs! I'm going to try writing more on mine now that I have another MacBook.(*IN Love*) : )