Thursday, May 27, 2010

Update part 2

Now that I'm sitting here trying to remember what we have been doing over the last few weeks, I wish I hadn't done an update at all. It would have been much easier. Lets see what all I can remember!

After we got back from Vegas we realized we relaxed a little too much. It took us both a little too long to get back into the routine of things. Then we both caught a cold, which just made things slow down a little more :(
I can always tell when I'm not taking zinc. I get sick! Pooy. And yet I still haven't ordered more.

Between being on a short vacation then getting sick my body was aching for the gym. Too bad I still had a little while to go. Boo!

About a week after getting over our colds and finally getting back into things Frank had a tooth pulled (I'm going to spare you the picture. It was a tooth in the front so it's not attractive.) that's been needing to come out for years. It was dead and pretty much just rotting. Nasty yes, but no it didn't look dead while still in his mouth. He's still toothless in the front but he should hopefully be getting his tooth retainer next week. He's looking forward to being able to eat normal again. After that it's going to be about a 6 month process until they can put in a permanent.

That same day I had yet another doctors appointment for my sciatica. I'm doing good but not improving, so we're gonna try to find (yet again) a spinal therapist in San Diego that takes Tricare. I can only hope they find someone this time!

Fast forward a few days later and Frank's cousin Ricky came home from Afghanistan. I'm not sure what I was more happy about, him coming home safe or that the xbox was gone!! While Ricky was deployed we had some of his stuff stored here as well as the Jeep. Frank was addicted to the xbox while we had it, and I practically counted down the days till it was gone.

I decided that since the xbox was gone and we don't watch the few channels we get on the converter box that I should just pack it up. It's been nice not having either. We've been doing another Friends marathon so it doesn't even seem like we have no cable.

We do plan on buying another Wii sometime in the future because we would like to have something to do when friends come over. Right now we're just boring ha.

Last part of the updates coming tomorrow!


La Familia Workman said...

Haha, sounds like us! We just got rid of our TV and EVERYTHING! Even Troy's glad. When he first got it, it was all he'd do all day. I hated it but at the same time loved the break, lol. We have our computers and we like to net surf and are supposed to be started our workouts, but you know how that goes with us : P.

Mel said...

I don't have TV either. I really enjoy the lack of distraction from the things that matter. I still catch my shows (like Army Wives) online and other than that, it forces me to read, go to the gym and do other things other than sit on my butt!

About the girl: said...

I don't have a TV really either. If I watch something, it's usually on my phone. haha Glad to hear you guys are doing better, though.

Marissa said...

I hate getting sick after going on a trip! We only have one TV and it doesn't even work..only plays movies. I love it that way! :)