Thursday, June 3, 2010


Anyone out there every take a Zumba class before? Tonight Mikey and I tried out a class on base for the first time. We both new we had no rhythm or dance ability, but we were ready to kick butt!

We looked ridiculous because we were the only beginners, but man oh man did we ever have fun. It was such a fast hour. We're only going to go to one class a week since it's $5 a class.

This was also the first fitness class I've taken... well in years, I just remembered I did a yoga class eons ago. Zumba completely boosted my self confidence in taking fitness classes, I plan to try a spin class tomorrow. This is yet another class I've been deing to try, but have chickened out on. Wish me luck :)

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About the girl: said...

Let me know where you guys are taking this. I might be interested in going with you ladies.