Saturday, March 26, 2011


I finally got around to upping my picture storage on here, I was being stubborn about it. Since almost all of my posts are with pictures I obviously wasn't blogging. If you hadn't figured out!? ha. Any-who.. Here are a few for now. I started making my own peanut butter. NEVER AGAIN will I buy peanut butter from the store! This was far to simple and quick and the BEST peanut butter I've ever had! I found the recipe HERE. I'm not sure you can even call it a recipe when it only consists of two ingredients. I want some now... If only I had some honey roasted peanuts.. Oh wait I ate them all : /

The dogs were in peanut butter heaven :]


Keri said...

Funny that you have been making this too! Before I gave up sugar I was obsessed with making homemade honey roasted peanut butter! It is so so good! I think that honey roasted peanut butter was the hardest thing for me to give up!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

Yum!! I want to make some. My husband eats a jar of pb a week, I swear!

Kelly @ The Startup Wife said...

omg the dogs are so cute in that picture!!

Homemade peanut butter with honey roasted peanuts is the best thing ever. Mmmmm.