Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Picture dump

Today's post is going to be a photo dump from my phone. I should be at Zumba with Keri, instead I'm at home horribly sick because of stupid dairy :[ Really it's my fault for eating it.. but I like blaming the cheese instead.

 Apparently it was a rough day... They lay in some weird positions out of their bed.

 I texted this to Nicole on Thanksgiving :]


 SO COLD!! Their first 5k :].. Well except for the babies ha.

 All of my pictures are of my dogs if you haven't noticed yet..

 Molly's favorite spot.

 Another new obsession. Yup even had to get the kids drinks to try!

 Anyone else spend all day on their Epic Fail app??

 This is what happens when Molly has to move but doesn't want to get off the couch! ha

Of course had to end with me at 7 weeks old :]

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