Tuesday, April 17, 2012


  • I've been back for almost a week now and every day has been busy for the most part.
  • We're getting ready for Frank's family! They come in on the 21st, his mom will be here a week in a half and his brother and his family will be here 2 weeks. Frank just now realized we will have a very full house!
  • We are now proud owners of a Kirby vacuum. So far loving it!
  • Afternoons like today make me wish I was doing more with my life (It was a boring/lazy afternoon.. and now night). Hopefully soon though!?
  • So happy to be back to juicing.. missed it so much.
  • You MUST try THIS recipe from Edible Perspective. So good :]
  • I am always happy to be back to our church after I've been gone for awhile. I heart THE ROCK!
  • We are so close to having our debt paid off! It is so close that I feel like everything is getting in our way to make it happen. Patient is something I need to focus on ;]
That's it's for now! Maybe I'll get around to posting pictures in the next few days....

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